Commissioning and operation of fire alarm and extinguishing systems


To ensure proper implementation and in accordance with the standard, all fire alarm and extinguishing systems and other building safety systems must be set up and tested regularly. After a complete test of the equipment, we can be sure that this system is in accordance of standard and has been designed and implemented based on the opinion of the authorities. In the commissioning process, coordination is established between all components in building safety systems and all equipment and parts continue to work in the form of a single and coordinated system.

Meanwhile, Smoke Management System (Smoke Management System) is one of the important elements in the scenario of protection of life and public safety in a building, which is designed and implemented according to NFPA92 standard. The design, installation and commissioning of this system is necessary for large commercial and office complexes, and the implementation of these systems to control the movement of smoke in case of a fire emergency can provide safe exit routes for residents and customers of these crowded complexes. It is clear that for the implementation and operation of these systems, knowledge and experience in addition to the possibility of providing this accurate and sensitive equipment, as well as familiarity with applicable standards in this field are the necessary features to pay attention to.

Installation and Commissioning of life safety systems at Azarneda™

We operate and test almost all building protection and safety systems according to national and international standards

Installation and testing of water-based fire extinguishing systems

The operation of water-based fire extinguishing systems should be suitable after checking the performance of each equipment and also ensuring that the ability of system to contain fire is still intact Checking fire water supply systems, pipelines, drainage, lever and gate and automatic valves, if any, pulleys and finally the connection of this equipment with the central fire alarm system should be carefully checked.

Setting up and inspecting a fire detection and alarm system

Set up a complete fire alarm and signalling system and test fire detection equipment, including smoke and heat detectors, as well as fire signalling equipment, including sounders and flashing lights, through the central panel of the fire alarm system, which can be conventional (addressable) or addressable ( Addressable). One of the most important parts in the process of setting up this system in addressable control panels is planning each piece of equipment to announce the exact location of the fire and also programming for the operation of the outputs according to the fire scenario. This category requires knowledge of the standards and communications of decision-making organizations in this field, and in addition, a full understanding of the planning process of this equipment.

At Azarenda, we focus most of our time on setting up fire detection and alarm systems, and try to get these systems up and running in the best way possible and inspect equipment according to NFPA 72.

Commissioning and inspection of automatic gas extinguishing systems

Automatic gas extinguishing systems are among the most effective and accurate systems for extinguishing fires in important spaces. These systems are activated by rapid detection of fire and can automatically neutralize the fire in the fastest possible time by draining the extinguishing gases in place and prevent damage to important and vital equipment for the your organization. These systems are commonly used for fire protection in electrical, IT and server rooms, as well as libraries and museums. Despite the accurate and fast operation of these systems in the event of fire, the maintenance and service of this equipment periodically and urgently plays a very important role in this category and the inherent sensitivity of the spaces covered by these systems contributes to this matter. It can be stated that without proper and principled maintenance of fire alarm and extinguishing equipment of automatic gas extinguishing system, in practice, the heavy cost that has been spent for the implementation and operation of this equipment is useless and this system can not function reasonably in case of emergency.

To ensure the correct operation and also to confirm the design of gas fire extinguishing systems, at the beginning and after completing the installation process, a hot test with all the arrangements for gas discharge is performed. This test can help in examining variables such as the predicted gas volume, the type and size of pipes, the method of supporting, as well as the performance of the nozzles during gas discharge and assure the costumer of the correct operation of the system. Obviously, after testing and discharging the extinguishing gas, the process of refilling the gas cylinders must be performed and the system shall be returned to its original state.

At Azarenda, we have experience in testing and commissioning these systems with a variety of gas agents, including CO2 and FM200. We can help customers in setting up and operating these systems.

Emergency lighting systems

Each self-contained emergency exit panel must be powered by its battery by simulating a power outage for at least one hour. During this time, all signs and symbols should be inspected and tested to ensure proper operation.

In central battery powered emergency lighting systems, the system must be energized completely independent of its batteries by simulating a general lighting power outage for a specified period of time.

For intelligent and addressable emergency lighting systems, which can also include emergency exit signs, all system reports and errors should be simulated at various times in accordance with the system manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. These systems require sufficient experience and knowledge in this field due to their complexity and connection with other intelligent systems in the building.

Relying on technical knowledge in the field of setting up fire alarm and extinguishing systems, Azarenda can study these systems in small to very large projects and advise you on setting up and final tests. We have implemented the latest standards in this field by reviewing the installed systems, and we are trying our best to be able to have the maximum efficiency of these systems.

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