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About Azarneda™


Azarenda is a new brand but backed by experience in the field of fire alarm and extinguishing systems that tries to provide repair, maintenance and service of these systems in accordance with national and international standards.

  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing SystemAnnual Service & Maintenance
  • Intelligent Fire Alarm SystemAnnual Service & Maintenance
  • Intelligent Anti-theft SystemInstallation & Commissioning
  • CCTV & Home AutomationInstallation & Commissioning
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How can we fulfill our mission?


At Azarenda™ we try to reduce fire accident`s damages by providing complete package of Fire protection systems to costumer. In our opinion, these services can properly reduce many financial and human losses in buildings and make the investments profitable.

Experienced Technicians

The expertise of our technicians is maintenance of security systems in buildings

Cost Reduction

We offer the best solutions to reduce costs

Effective Support

We will support you in any area related to building safety


We eill repair or supply defective equipment
Renovation of out-dated fire alarm systems

Many fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems installed in buildings have failed due to lack of proper care. We will renovate and make them usable again.

Annual maintenance

Our experts visit each project every two months and test the systems to make sure they are working properly.

Installation of new systems according to the standard

If you want to equip a place with safety systems, leave it to us. In addition to supplying equipment and installing it, we also provide annual maintenance services as well.

Supply of Anti-theft and CCTV systems

We have expertise not only in fire protection systems, but also in building security systems. We can provide you with a complete package of all these systems.

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We specialize in this industry

10 years of Experience


Intelligent fire alarm systems


Water and gas based fire extinguishing systems


Safety Systems Integration


Anti-theft systems and CCTV

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