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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the type of system I need?

Surly, there are different types of fire protection, anti-theft and home automation systems available in the market with each having its own positive and negative characteristics for different uses. We here in Azarneda consult you to get the best system available and suitable for your application according to our experience.

How long do maintenance contracts last?

This depends on the context of the contract between us and the customer. But in general, these contracts are composed for one year and more.

Does the anti-theft system still work considering having pets at home?

We can install pet friendly sensors for your house. This way, despite the anti-theft system and pets, there is no problem for you as false alarms.

Will the fire alarm or anti-theft system work during a power outage?

Yes, they will. These systems can typically support up to 12 hours of power-free operation through auxiliary batteries built into these systems. Of course, these batteries should be checked with written inspections and their health should be ensured.

Our fire alarm and extinguishing system has been out of service for a long period of time. Is it still possible to use it again?

The answer to this question depends on the conditions in which the system existed during this period, but in general, a system that has been abandoned under normal environmental conditions and nothing special has happened to it can be revived and used again after a total overhaul.

The system equipment that has been implemented in our project is from the brand .... Is it possible for Azarneda™ to service and maintain it?

Yes. Our technicians can work with fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, anti-theft systems, home automation systems from different brands.

Where can I buy equipment that is damaged or defective?

Repairing or replacing equipment requires complete information about the entire system. Therefore, after reviewing and visiting your project, we will prepare and install the equipment that needs to be replaced for you.

When is the best time to start security system`s maintenance?

Fire alarm and extinguishing systems as well as burglar alarm systems are all active systems, meaning that electricity is always flowing through them, which makes it vital that there is no error in the system. Hence the best time to start system maintenance is immediately after system commissioning and hand-over is finalized.

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