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Maintenance Service for Building Safety Systems

A quality and ready-to-use fire protection system can protect your life and property for a long period of time

By providing regular maintenance services, our technicians keep fire detection and fire protection system`s response with proper performance and readiness. We offer a wide range of fire protection systems services for small and large organizations, we can provide our services for all brands in the market, according to the standard.

Presence at the fastest time

Azarneda offers you its services quick and efficient. We have well-trained experts, so when you need us, you can certainly count on us.

Expect full support from us

Our technicians at Azarneda™ are ready to provide services around the clock. They are always ready to carry out emergency repairs on fire detection and fire protection systems. Our teams are equipped with vehicles and mobile technology that enable them to deal with even the most difficult problems on site.

Minimal inconvenience to residents

Our technicians are trained to diagnose defects in the shortest possible time and restore systems to normal state. Our commitment to R&D enables our expert technicians to be up to date with a wide range of the latest technologies.

Capacities available in Azareda™ to provide services

We offer a wide range of maintenance services for the following systems, customized and tailored to your project.

Inspection and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems

Azarenda provides maintenance services for fire alarm systems in residential, commercial, office, industrial and commercial buildings. In accordance with the standards of this field, fire alarm systems are inspected and tested on a seasonal basis to ensure their correct operation.

Annual inspection and testing of a certain percentage of Smoke and Heat Detectors is also required by the standard. This operation ensures that fire detection and alarm systems operate quickly and accurately and reduces the occurrence of false fires.

It is very important to note that, apart from periodic inspections, perhaps the most important task is the functional testing of the Fire Alarm System and the Voice Evacuation System after their completion.

Minimum requirement for Maintenance of Security Systems:

  • Seasonal test of fire alarm system control panel and sound evacuation system and fire alarms
  • Annual testing of fire detectors and evaluation of the performance of all peripheral devices

Maintenance of the fire alarm and sound evacuation system should only be performed by qualified personnel.Relying on the experience of managers, Azarneda uses trained people to study fire alarm and sound evacuation systems, who know all the components of such a complex system and have the necessary skills to study it.

Inspection of manual fire extinguishers and fire blankets

Portable Fire Extinguishers installed in commercial buildings (offices, stores, warehouses, factories, etc.) as well as in public buildings (hospitals, schools, universities, cinemas, etc.) and residential buildings should be inspected and tested regularly.

Azarenda™ will advise and report on the risk assessment on how to place and the types of fire extinguishers needed to ensure compliance with the standard.

We also offer a comprehensive package of services for manual fire extinguishers, in which you can ensure the inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguishers every six months. Our trained technicians, with distinctive and identifiable clothing, visit your project site regularly to ensure that your firefighting equipment is in their best condition for use in the event of a fire.

In addition, cylinders containing extinguishers must be inspected annually for pressure drop, and the contents must be refilled at 5 or 6 year intervals. This operation is also on the agenda of our technicians and all matters related to these tests are performed in reputable laboratories of the contracting party and a certificate is issued.

If you need to supply hand-held extinguishing capsules or fire-fighting blankets, this company also provides the possibility of purchasing and supplying this equipment with the best quality and easy use and with standard approval.

Periodic inspection schedule of manual extinguisher cylinders:

  • All equipment and systems are tested and inspected in accordance with the standard
  • Parts can be repaired or replaced if necessary
  • All operations performed are recorded in the firefighting equipment history book

Inspection of Fire boxes

Fire boxes are the first fire-fighting equipment that can be used to complete the function of fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. This equipment can be used to extinguish small fires based on wood or paper or to control fires after evacuating residents on the spot, but they should not be used for electrical equipment fires as well as for fires in kitchens with oil or liquids base as they can spread the fire.

Fire boxes should normally be located 4 meters from the exit of buildings and not more than 40 meters from any part of the building so that they can cover the entire area of the building in the event of a fire. This equipment should be inspected regularly after installation and tested and maintained if necessary. In order to maintain these equipments, it is necessary for them to be fully opened in two-year intervals and to check the amount of water pressure in their outlet.

Our technicians also evaluate the requirements of your fire boxes by conducting periodic annual inspections in accordance with the standard to verify their performance.

Inspection of sprinkler fire extinguishing systems

Sprinkler Systems are designed to automatically extinguish fires. When the heat of the fire reaches a certain temperature, the water bubble bursts and then water is sprayed on the fire. The operation of the sprinkler system should normally activate the fire alarm system so that the occupants of the building are aware of the fire and leave the building.

Azarenda will first review your project and determine if the project needs a sprinkler fire extinguishing system, or if the system is already in place, determine if the sprinkler fire extinguishing system is well designed and is in accordance with current standards and identifies any defects for you. Finally, at the discretion of the employer or the project owner, the defects of this system will be corrected after the preparation of the plan and the determination of the required budget by our experts.

In general, the sprinkler fire extinguishing system should be serviced and maintained regularly after initial installation. The minimum conditions for proper service and maintenance of this system are:

  • Monthly inspection to ensure the operation of the fire alarm system by stimulating the sprinkler system
  • Six-month inspection of all peripheral equipment
  • Annual inspection to ensure sufficient water in the fire water source to feed the sprinkler fire extinguishing system
  • Inspection, thorough testing and overhaul of the sprinkler fire extinguishing system

When it comes to the protection of residential buildings, warehouses or office complexes, the sprinkler fire extinguishing system is in practice a combination of a fire detection system and a firefighting system that can perform both operations on its own, Hence this method is the most effective fire suppression system available. Statistics show that in buildings where the sprinkler fire extinguishing system is installed in accordance with the standard and this system is serviced intermittently, it can prevent more than 90% of possible fires or extinguish them in early stages. This feature makes the implementation of this system necessary for buildings with critical use or places where large populations are located.

Certainly, the design and implementation of the sprinkler fire extinguishing system must be done with accurate calculations and based on the use, fire hazards and risk assessment that Azarneda™ can perform and approve these services in accordance with international standards and also in accordance with national building regulations. .

Also, if this system is available in your project and your focus is on its maintenance services, Azarenda™ will provide its specialized services in this field. These services will include monthly, annual inspections and overhauls.

Inspection of emergency lighting systems

Azarenda also provides periodic service and maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems. According to the standard, emergency lighting systems must operate for up to 90 minutes after a normal power outage test with battery power to ensure that the system operates in the event of a power outage. This test should be performed periodically and be recorded separately.

This test also confirms that all exit lights and emergency lights are working properly and that the batteries will be charged for at least 90 minutes in the event of a power outage or fire. We offer a complete service in which all electrical connections are periodically maintained and repaired, and if any of the lights are defective, they can be repaired or replaced. We also have the ability to supply a variety of nickel-cadmium and dry batteries.

Azarenda provides maintenance services for all your building safety systems. Our experts ensure the correct operation of this equipment at the time of the accident by carefully inspecting and servicing and regularly maintaining fire alarm and extinguishing systems. At Azarenda, we provide a wide range of services related to fire detection and response systems for large and small organizations, and we hope to succeed in providing quality services to satisfy customers. Please contact us through the Contact us page or click on the button below.
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