Our goal – To minimize fire damage in the buildings

Safety must be achieved and requires investment and planning


Fire protection systems should be constantly tested to ensure that less fires occur in buildings. This should be done solely by experts.

Cost Reduction

We offer the best solutions to reduce costs

Certified technicians

Our field technicians are specialized in Fire Protection Maintenance Services


We will repair or provide any defective equipment to keep system running

Effective Support

We would support you in any area related to building safety against fire hazards
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Our Mission

Securing and reducing the damage of buildings against fire hazards by intermittent service and maintenance of fire protection systems


Safety does not accuire by accident

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Range of Service at Azarneda™

At Azarenda™, we strive to show the best quality of service to our customers so we can both keep them satisfied and be able to cover more potential customers through this relationship.

  • Maintenance ServiceFor Fire Alarm Systems
  • Maintenance ServiceFor Fire Protection System
  • Periodic InspectionFor Fire Alarm Systems
  • Periodic InspectionFor Fire Protection Systems
  • RenovationFor Out-Dated Systems
  • RenovationFor Security Systems
  • Economic ModificationFor Security & Alarm Systems
  • DevelopmentFor Fire Protection Systems
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A key question :

Can a not properly maintained system be trusted?

Fire aprotection systems must function properly at the time of accident to protect the lives of residents. Now, not much can be expected from a system that has not been inspected for a long time and may have some issues.

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Feeling Safe.

Good Quality is our expertise

You can trust us


Special Buildings

Hotels, shopping malls and commercial buildings need special attention


Experienced Staff

Our technicians fix all system defects quickly


Industrial Networks

We specialize in inspecting systems implemented in industrial networks

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You can get consult from us by simply an E-mail or Contact Us form. 

Renovation of old and out of date fire alarm systems

Many fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems previously installed in buildings have failed due to lack of proper maintenance. We will renovate them if possible

Annual maintenance

Our experts visit each project at least every two months and test the systems to make sure they are working properly.

Installation of new systems according to the standard

If you want to equip a place with fire protection systems, leave it to us. In addition to supplying equipment and installing it, we also do annual maintenance oo annual bases

Supply of Anti-theft and CCTV systems

We have expertise not only in fire protection systems, but also in building security systems, and we can provide you with a complete package of all building security systems.

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News and Updates

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